Democracy is brewing in Canada

A lot of Canadians are thinking and talking more about democracy – in part because we are seeing what happens when we ‘lose’ our democracy.

Our lack of democracy is causing problems, and ‘more democracy’ might be a way forward. Many Canadians work very hard on various issues, trying to improve our society, our economy, our environment, and everything else; but we often seem to be fighting our own governments. If our governments were more democratic, and did more of what ‘we the people’ want, then it would become simpler for us to win on many important issues. For example, more than 80% of Canadians want Genetically Contaminated foods to be labeled, but our governments won’t do it. When 80% want something, and we can’t get it, then things are very amiss with our democracy. More than 60 other countries have some type of mandatory labeling. What’s wrong with Canada.

The word democracy comes from the Greek words Demos, the people; and Kratia, to rule. Democracy actually means The People Rule. I think most of us would agree that we don’t have much democracy in Canada today. And nor do we have a ‘Free Press’. Democracy cannot survive without a free press; and unfortunately Corporate Canada took over our media a long time ago.

There are many good ideas around for improving our democracy, from reforming our voting system to changing the way our Parliaments and Governments work to setting up Citizens Assemblies where groups of citizens look into these questions and try find answers for us.

These are the kinds of issues this website would like to discuss.

Perhaps we can start to fix things up in Canada if we put more focus on building democracy and an honest media.



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