Chapter 3


Remember … Democracy is important for us all. Democracy is important every day of our lives and it’s important to us in a thousand different ways – from the quality of our jobs and our communities to the safety of our food and our levels of health and happiness.

Remember also that Democracy means ‘The People Rule’. Democracy means government of the people, by the people, for the people. Democratic governments are one of our best hopes for a better future, because more democracy will give us citizens more of a voice.

One of Canada’s biggest problems is that we do not have ‘Democratic Governments’. Our governments have been taken away from us by ‘the 1% of the 1%’. This small group of people has stolen our democracy and they control of The Big Media as well. These people are out of control, are doing some very crazy things, and seem to be trying to destroy our country, our economy, and our society for their own benefit. I think we’d be much better off if we could replace them with Democratic Governments that do what WE want.

If we want to save our futures, then ‘Creating An Independent Media’ and ‘Rebuilding Our Democracy’ should be our top priorities.

Steps Toward Democracy:

Step One:

We have to understand who our real enemies are … and what our real problems are.

Our real enemies are the 1% of the 1%. It is within this group of a few thousand extremely wealthy and powerful people that our problems seem to lie. They have too much money and too much power, and they are completely out of control.

However even within this group, I’m sure there are many who are open to something better for us all, and we should keep those potential allies in mind.

So the enemy is a very small group of people, and the problems are that they own virtually ALL of the big media in Canada, and control virtually ALL of our top politicians. They’ve taken away our ‘Free Press’ and they have destroyed our Democracy.

I think we should try to always keep some of our focus on these issues. ‘They’ will always try to get us to fight each other. We can see how they try to split us along ‘French – English’ lines, or men against women, or young against old. Or They try to focus us on communism, or terrorism, or whatever the ‘enemy of the day’ is. ‘Divide and conquer’ is a strategy that is as old as the hills. Our job is to make sure we don’t fall for it.

As we look around us, at everything from poverty and homelessness to pipelines and climate change … we should remember that these things, as important as they are, are really just The Symptoms. The REAL problems are our lack of democracy and our lack of a free and honest media.


The Corporate Media never talks about who our real enemies are, because Corporate Canada itself is Enemy Number One. If you want an idea of who they are, just google: CCCE. This is The Canadian Council of Chief Executives – the CEOs of about 150 of the biggest corporations operating in Canada. Some think that they ARE the real government of Canada right now. The CCCE represents the Billionaire Families who control the world’s biggest corporations. They are running Canada today, and making a real mess of things because that’s what they want. It’s up to us to change things if we can.

Step Two:

We have to learn about democracy.

The word ‘Democracy’ comes from the Greek words Demos (the people) and Kratia (to rule). Democracy means The People Rule. It doesn’t mean The Politicians Rule, and it doesn’t mean The Corporations Rule. In a Democracy, The People Rule. That’s us – WE are supposed to be in charge.

In a real democracy people are well informed about important issues. The role of government in a democratic nation should be to make sure that the citizens are well informed about the important issues, and to find out what the citizens want, and then, as far as possible, to do what the citizens want.

This doesn’t happen in Canada today. Instead, our governments seem to take their orders from the 1% of the 1% … AND THEN THEY IMPOSE THIS CORPORATE AGENDA ON US … no matter what we may want. This is not good enough, and we don’t have much democracy left in Canada. We’ve got to stop accepting it.

We have to start to fix things up. This will require the best efforts of millions of us. We have to find out how democracy should work in our daily lives. We have to build democratic structures to replace what we have now. And we have to be willing to BE democratic and act democratically, even when things don’t go our way.

Mostly, we have to believe that being democratic is beneficial for us; that we and our friends and families will be better off by doing things in this way. Personally, I think this is the way to go in terms of a method of government, and if we look at the more democratic nations in the world, we can see some benefits. On the other hand, democracy is under Corporate Attack world-wide right now, so this will not be an easy road to travel.

Step Three:

We have to take our democracy back from those who have stolen it. We have to start to demand our democracy back. We have to change the rules of the game so that ‘We The People’ have some real power again.

We have to stand up to the corporations who are running our country, and we have to stop them. We have to stand up to our pathetic and undemocratic politicians and tell them that we simply will not accept their decisions any more if those decisions do not reflect the will of the Canadian people.

We have to free ourselves from the Corporate Media in Canada. We have to stop believing the lies and misinformation they feed us, and we have to get access to the knowledge we need in order to move ahead. The Corporate Media deliberately keeps many things secret, we need a media that will give us that information and show us how we can be better and do better.

I think that once we have our democracy back, we will find it easier to start to win on a lot of important issues. But we have to get our democracy back first. The Corporations realize how important this is, and they will do their best to make sure that power remains in their hands. Our job is to overcome them But they will stop at nothing, including mass murder, to keep what they have, and we have to keep that in mind at all times.

Step Four:

If we want to build a better democracy in Canada, there are tools that can help us in building this better democracy. And we have to use these tools:

  1. We have to build an independent media – free of corporate ownership and control.
  2. We should learn about Citizens’ Assemblies that can give us the information and the ‘structure’ we need to move forward.
  3. We have to observe and better control the political parties, and make sure they are operating honestly and democratically.
  4. We have to look at Voting Reform … can we find a better and more democratic voting system?
  5. We have to look at Parliamentary Reform … to make our parliaments and governments more democratic.
  6. We have to look at Direct Democracy … where we citizens vote directly on important issues to assert our power and get what we want.

If we want more democracy, these are some of the things we have to do. And every step we take, in any of these areas, will help to make this a better and more democratic country. Where we are now is an absolute disaster, and is growing worse month by month. It’s time to turn things around and start to head in some right directions.

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