Building a Better Democracy In Canada:

Problems and Solutions


I think we have two ‘basic’ problems in Canada:

  1. We don’t have a free media in Canada… The Canadian media is owned and controlled by Corporate Canada, and they’ve turned it into a propaganda machine they use to control us.
  2. We don’t have much democracy left in Canada... Democracy is government of, by, and for the people, and we certainly don’t have that kind of government in Canada any more.



These two problems, our lack of a free media and our lack of democracy, cause many symptoms.Some of these symptoms are:

• The environmental disaster of the TarSands
• Poverty and Homelessness
• A Health Care System that is being destroyed because big business wants to   privatize it
• High Unemployment … Student Debt …. Government Debt …
• Ridiculously High Housing Prices
• and on and on.

These are some of the things imposed on us by our rulers. They can impose these things on us because we Canadians have virtually no voice in what is going on in our country.

All of these things – debt, pollution, homelessness, and the rest are CHOICES. But we Canadians are not involved
in making the choices. Instead, the choices are made by a small elite; the 1% of the 1%, who are the people who really run this country.And they run Canada for their own benefit.

They WANT poverty and homelessness, that’s why we have it. They WANT people suffering and dying within our health care system; that’s why it’s happening.

But while Canadians are waiting to see a doctor, or dying in an understaffed Emergency Room, you can be very sure that the corporations that run our health care system, and who control the politicians who make the decisions, are doing very well, and making lots of money.

This is our greatest problem. A tiny and very powerful elite controls our governments and they also OWN the media. And they are profiting greatly from the destruction of our society, our economy, and our environment.

I think that if we had more democracy and a free press, we would have better lives in a better country.

How we can spend $1 Billion?
Build 5000 units of housing for the homeless
Hire 5000 nurses and open thousands of hospital beds
Reduce student debt by $25,000 for 40,000 university students or graduates
Corporate profit

For example, as I’m writing this in the spring of 2014, the Big Banks just made a quarterly profit of $8.5 Billion. That is 8.5 Billion Dollars in profit in 3 months for the banks.

For $1 Billion we could build 5000 units of supportive housing for the homeless – completely paid for at $200,000
a unit. For $1 Billion we could hire 5000 nurses AND open thousands of hospital beds next year. For $1 Billion we could reduce student debt by $25,000 for 40,000 university students or graduates.

But instead the money goes to the banks.These are the kinds of choices that are being made every day by our Corporate Politicians, and kept very secret by our Corporate Media.

If we want to start to fix up our country we have to understand the root causes of our problems.

In my opinion, if we can’t create an honest and independent media in Canada, and if we can’t build up some real democracy in Canada, then we are going to continue to see the destruction of our society, the destruction of our
economy, and the destruction of our environment and the planet itself.

These are very serious things that we are doing, so there as got to be some change.

What can we do?

• We have to focus on the root causes of our problems
• We have to take power back from the corporations
• We have to build an honest and independent media
• And we have to build some democracy.

And that’s what this book is about …

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